Same-Sex Couples Invited to “Marry” via Blockchain

Same-sex couple weds in the US.

Same-sex couples have been invited to “wed” on blockchain in countries where they legally cannot.

The website from Swedish sports brand Bjorn Borg allows same-sex couples from all over the world to cement their vows on the blockchain Etherium, “without the involvement of any third parties such as the state or church.”

The service is an apparent retaliation to Russia’s selection to host the World Cup, with the website launched mere days before the competition opening this week.

“We believe that being all you can be in sports first demands the right to be who you are in life. The first basic right is to love whoever you want. Marriage unblocked makes it possible for everyone to go down the aisle on blockchain, store your encrypted vows forever and get a certificate of your digital marriage,” the website reads.

“Blockchain is a new way to store data forever, without the approval of state or religion.”

Russia, along with 87 per cent of nations worldwide, continues to ban same-sex marriage. The rights of Russian same-sex couples has been in the headlines ahead of the World Cup, with the nation providing no legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Five years ago this month, the Russian Duma passed a law that made “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” among minors an offence, the BBC reports.

The website Marriage Unblocked aims to overcome legal obstacles for same-sex couples of any nation.

To propose via blockchain, couples simply click “I do” and write a vow to their loved one. A link is then created which works as a proposal to be sent. If the proposal is accepted, a transaction with the vows is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

“It’s almost like carving your name into a tree like in the olden days, but now you blockchain it instead,” one man said in a promotional video for the service.

Blockchain is most famously associated with finance, but the website notes that blockchain can be used to decentralize any system of power.

“No state, religion or family approval needed. Because just like sports, love is for everyone,” the website reads.

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