Russia’s request for truce in Syria proves futile, with continued fighting

A truce ordered by President Putin in the rebel-held area of Syria is being ignored as war planes have continued to batter a region near Damascus. 

Putin yesterday said he wanted the Syrian government to pause their attacks on Eastern Ghouta every day for five hours, allowing civilians to escape.

Nearly 400,000 civilians are trapped there and fighting has intensified in recent days, killing over 500 – making it one of the most devastating air campaigns the eight-year civil war has seen.

But reports today said fighting had continued and the United Nations said it was impossible to give aid to the wounded. 

Both Russia and the Syrian government have said the rebels are the reason the truce has collapsed.

The World Health Organisation said there are over 1,000 critically ill and wounded people who need to be evacuated, adding that government planes and helicopters had killed a child.
Tass news agency reported that the militants used the humanitarian pause to launch an offensive, bombing the humanitarian corridor.
There is no end in sight with the war in Syria, which started in 2011.
Russia has supported the Syrian government from 2015, along with Iran and Hezbollah.

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