Kremlin brands Latvia ‘obsessive’ after the Baltic nation hints at Russia cyberattack

The Kremlin branded hints that Russia is involved in a cyberattack against Latvia as symptoms of an “obsessive-compulsive disorder”. 

Latvia, which is currently in the wake of a banking crisis, released a statement saying that it may have been the victim of a massive cyberattack.

The tiny Baltic state’s defence ministry alleged that Moscow may have been involved – but didn’t explicitly name Russia.

“There is a high probability that an externally organized widespread information operation is being carried out that, by its structure and execution, is identical to those observed in pre-election periods in the U.S., France and Germany,” Bloomberg reported Latvia’s Defense Ministry saying.

But the Russia hit back, with Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying: “You are witnessing how lots of diverse allegations against Russia can be heard from various capitals and at various levels. They seem to have symptoms of an obsessive-compulsive disorder, since such accusations lack common sense and a sense of reality each time.”

Latvia is currently embroiled in a crisis as the country’s third largest lender, ABLV, was accused by the U.S. Treasury of money laundering. The head of the country’s central bank has also been accused of soliciting a bribe.

The European Central Bank responded by blocking all of ABLV’s payments, which has forced the bank to seek emergency financial support.

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